Having a regular facial is a great way to relax and relieve the stresses and strains of everyday life. Additionally, a facial also helps to keep the outer layer of skin clean, fresh, smooth and soft, protecting from external damage caused by the elements.

Here at Lavender Hair & Beauty, we like to offer our clients a fantastic choice of treatments, and that is no different when it comes to the facials you can enjoy with us here in our salon. From express to deep cleanse, electrical to photorejuvenation, you can rest assured that we have the treatment for you.

At the beginning of every treatment, we will analyse your skin type to make sure your face receives exactly the treatment it needs. Scroll down to the bottom to view our Electrical and Photorejuvenation Facials or view our fantastic Facial prices for our Exel and Decleor Treatments below:

Look and feel Beautiful with a Facial Treatment


Facial Treatments by Exel

Express Facial- £37.00

Anti-Ageing Facial with use of Resin Oil – £56.00

Hydro-Destressant Facial – £56.00

Skin Renewal Facial – £59.00

Clarifying Facial- £55.00

Anti-Acne Facial- £55.00

Deep Cleanse Facial- £55.00

Sensitive Skin Facial- £61.00

Facial Treatments by Decleor

Aroma Expert Lift – Expression Wrinkle Smoothing – £70.00

Aroma Expert Lift – Experience Lifting Intensifier- £70.00

Aroma Expert Lift- Excellence Age Defying- 65.00

Alpha+Refining (Extra)- £30.00

Vital Eyes- £48.00

Decleor relaxing aromatic facial- £55.00

Decleor classic aromatic facial (Aroma Plasty)- £60.00

Decleor aroma expert facials- £65.00

Aroma Expert Essential- £65.00

Aroma Expert Purify- £65.00

Aroma Expert Nourish- £65.00

Aroma Expert Radiance (White Bright)- £65.00

Alternatively, we also offer Electrical Facials and Photorejuvenation Facials.