Neck, Back, Shoulders
30 Minutes - From £44
1 Hour - From £59

Remove that tension in your back and shoulders with the help of our highly qualified masseurs.

Hot Stone Massage
30 Minutes - From £43
1 Hour - From £69

A style of massage therapy in which water-treated stones are placed at specific sites on the client’s body to promote relaxation.

30 Minutes - From £49
45 Minutes - From £54
1 Hour - From £62

This is a massage with highly concentrated plant oils, called essential oils, added to the massage oil or lotion.

Swedish Massage
Foot Massage
Pregnancy Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Indian Head Massage

Decleor Body Treatments

Our expert masseurs can also perform a range of Decleor body treatments which use the very finest products on the market for truly incredible results.

Aroma Body Silk Glistener
45 Minutes - From £65.00

Radiant, bright and petal soft – your skin will glisten with health and vitality after this natural exfoliation treatment.

Decleor Aroma Body Massage
1 Hour - From £80.00

Choose from: Detox, Flow, Relax or Tonic. Your skin is treated to the incredibly soothing sensation of a warm aromatic balm selected to suit your needs.

Decleor Aroma Body Envelopments
1 Hour - From £75

At the heart of these treatments is a rich, creaming mask full of essential oils and plant extracts. For a beneficial, comforting sensation, enjoy the pleasure of a heated blanket whilst the products work their magic.

Decleor Tranquillity Scalp Massage
30 Minutes - From £45.00

Drift into a deep relaxation with this sublimely calming massage. All traces of tension are gently eased from scalp neck and shoulders.

Decleor Perfect Firming Treatment
45 Minutes - From £45.00

Perfect for the bust, stomach or any localised area in need of firming, zesty butter with extracts of lemon and mango will tone, strengthen and condition slack skin and also skin suffering from stretch marks.

ESPA Body Treatments

Shoulder, Neck and Scalp Massage
From £49.00
Back Neck and Shoulder Massage
30 Minutes - £46
45 Minutes - £54
60 Minutes - £63
30 Minutes - From £53
45 Minutes - From £56
1 Hour - From £64
Hot Stone Massage
60 Minutes - £75.00
Swedish Massage
60 Minutes - £60
Men Shoulder, Neck & Face Massage
From £65
Male Back Cleanse & Massage

Electrical Body Treatments

Cold & Hammer
Body Treatment Per Session - 30 Minutes - £40.00
Combined with Decleor Body Treatments - 20 min - £25.00

This treatment can be combined with a massage for those suffering with Edema or aches and pains of the body. It helps accelerate blood circulation, enhances metabolism, calms inflammation and, for those with large pores, it will encourage pores to shrink.

If you lead a hectic and busy lifestyle, like most of us do today, one of the very best ways to relax and unwind is through a massage.

Our salon offers the perfect setting for you to forget about what’s going on outside and immerse yourself in a massage from one of our highly trained masseurs. We offer a number of options for your next massage, including:

Come and relax with us here in Ealing by booking an appointment for a massage, Decleor or electrical body treatment online on our booking page or by visiting our contact page.